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I called after hour's when I got home from work & my air was out. I got a call back within 15 minutes, they were at my house 30 minutes later and had my air fixed in less than an hour - talk about service! This makes twice that they've given me fast, friendly, excellent service... Frederick Sheet Metal is now my official go to. Thank you so much!!
Jennifer Schraner
Our air went out late Thursday night/Friday morning. Figured out it was the motor and they had one for us Saturday morning. Cheaper than online and we would have had to wait for it. AC is working now!
Julie Bennett
Valerie J M (Farrinna64)
Kristy Bowles
It was 94° outside (heat index of 108°). I came home from work and my house was sitting at 84°. I contacted them at 6:07 PM and within 10 minutes someone (Ed) was here. He had our air fixed and 2 degrees cooler by 6:45 PM! Thank you!
Tonya Stadler
Have utilized this company in a couple different situations, and in all of the encounters of service(s), they have provided as they have been called to do. Very kind and knowledgeable, technicians and office personnel. Would recommend calling them if you have any HVAC needs or custom made flashing/chimney caps, etc. A good local company providing good service! 5 ⭐'s!
Bill Gray
Amy Duncan
Roberta Sabelhause
Thay are very nice people an thay where on it my air was out an thay got it fix,ed at a reasonable price my family has use,d them for years thay tell you what is wrong before thay go ahead an do repairs and thay check out every thing before thay leave THAN YOU
Jennifer Hendry
Saved my butt. Came out at 530 on a Friday when my heater went kaput. Luckily it was just an igniter which they replaced on the spot
Anita Haycraft
Awesome 😎 people, great service. They answered all my questions, no matter how many times I called them. They are very quick, it took no time and our furnace was fixed. Thanks 😊 so much 🥰 happy 😁 happy 😊 happy 😁.
Donald Daugherty
Help me find what I needed and helped me determine what could be underlying issue
Leslie Liles
Had the air conditioning parts I needed in stock
Quincy Branham
Judy Davis
Kristiann Franchville
Shawn Niswonger
Always there when I need them!!
Absolutely pleased! The service provided was amazing, Matt, the service technician, came to the house on friday, which was a last minute call, put a replacement part in and came while we were on vacation to put the new part in so when we came home the air conditioner was fixed. The company made sure that we were taken care of. So proud of this local business..thanks so much...
Shelly Masterson
Jessica Zuelly
Robin Simpson
Have had many late night, holiday, and not during regular hours emergencies and they are always fast and efficient. Thank you so much!
Jeremy Woods
Brandy Fulkerson Ball
Don't get me wrong, my system was expensive, but we had to abandon the old radiant heat and install a much larger unit, so our situation is likely unique. Furthermore, Frederick's was our third and cheapest quote for the job we needed done. For all the money it did cost us however, it has been such a relief to hear the words "no charge" to come back to reinspect this, re-secure a wire, etc. When you invest this kinda money in your home, your comfort, you expect a certain level of professionalism and inclusion. We love our serviceman and the courtesy he continues to extend, even ten months after install! We are happy to say that we are greatly satisfied with our Carrier system!
Elaine Hess-Teague